Waiheke Event Diary Changes

Waiheke Event

Life during Covid has thrown us all a bit of a curve ball, hasn’t it – especially messing with Waiheke Event dates and times!

We are all doing our best to keep things going and that includes our fitness levels.  Here at Waiheke’s recreation centre, there are a range of activities to choose from to help you stay in shape and “get social”.

Unfortunately though,  some Waiheke Event diary dates have had to change as a result of the traffic light system.  We do try to update the website calendar as frequently as possible to reflect the changes, however, please do check the event organisers for the activity you wish to attend, to make sure everything is accurate and just in case things change – again!

Waiheke Event Changes

For example, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu group has currently suspended all of their classes.  If you would like to contact them to find out more about when they might start again, they can be reached via email on [email protected]

Meanwhile, the Pickleball group has picked up a 4.30pm Wednesday slot and the Waiheke Basketball group has moved to a slightly earlier slot on a Wednesday: 6-8pm, while extending the Sunday slot slightly from 10am – 12pm midday.

The Kid’s football that was originally on Sunday mornings, has now moved to Saturdays at 9am.

The Rec Centre is a great way to keep fit on Waiheke and especially with all of the ball sports available!  It’s a big space, so keeping your social distance is easy, plus there’s plenty of ventilation.

Check out the Waiheke Events Calendar to find out what’s on.