The Benefits of Playing Indoor Sport


If you’re tired of being cooped up indoors during the winter months, why not try playing some indoor sports? Indoor sports are an excellent way to stay active and keep in shape. They can be played by people from all different backgrounds and skill levels, too – from kids just learning how to play their first game to adults who have been playing for years. You don’t even have to travel far or spend much money for this fun activity; Waiheke has its very own Recreation Centre that offers indoor sports like basketball, badminton, pickleball and more – on a regular basis!

You can play indoor sport all year-round @ The Rec Centre

Indoor sports are a great way to stay active during winter, especially if you’re not in the mood for outdoor activities that will get you wet and muddy!  There’s none of that indoors! You can play year-round, even on rainy days! No need to worry about bad weather or sunburn; there’s no chance of getting wet or burnt doing indoor sports.  Just a great place to burn off some calories!!  A couple of other plus points for paying indoors in the summer: fewer mozzies because they don’t congregate as much in large open indoor spaces – and; it’ll be hotter inside, so you’ll burn even more calories 😉

Variety of options

At the Waiheke Rec Centre, there’s a variety of indoor sport on offer: from basketball to badminton, martial arts and even a small gym. Depending on your age and fitness level, you are welcome to contact the organisers of each of the activities to check if it’s right for you, your friends and family. 

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Lots of health benefits

Apart from the obvious enjoyment of playing a sport for fun, there’s a whole range of other health benefits that come from playing indoor sports.  Increased cardiovascular fitness levels, airflow within your lungs (clear out those cobwebs!), improve your cognitive skills and reduce stress, can help to reduce blood pressure, encourage muscle growth, and generally speaking, sports will have a positive effect on your mental well-being from the release of endorphins and other ‘feel good’ chemicals released by your body.

Connect with the community

Came and check out the Waiheke Rec Centre – talk to the organisers to see if the opportunities for hockey, soccer, badminton, volleyball or various other types of accessible activities will suit your levels of athletic ability.

In addition to the fitness benefits listed above (and their role in improving your overall health), indoor sports have another benefit that can’t be overlooked: they can help you feel more connected with your community. People who play together often feel more comfortable sharing their experiences and concerns with others in their lives — even if those experiences happen off the court!

pickleball waihekeCome have fun and relax

The atmosphere tends to be laid back and the groups are smaller – but not necessarily less competitive – though most groups welcome all sorts of participants.   So, even though you might not be playing for a championship trophy, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun playing. You’ll be surprised at the exercise you get running around court or practising your lay-up shots in your weekly basketball game.

The rules may slightly vary by sport too as there may be restrictions on how many people can be on a team depending on how who’s playing on the day – talk to your activity organiser. 

Ann Audain TrustIn conclusion

Indoor sport keeps you active and can help you to improve your health. They also provide the opportunity to socialise with others, get some exercise and build confidence in yourself.  And if you play outdoor sport – there’s nothing to stop you playing indoor too – just play both!

So don’t let rainy or cold weather keep you from having some fun and exercise. Check out the activities on offer at the Waiheke Recreation Centre and come play some indoor sport with us today!

And if you’re a group who would like to use our space for your sport, just get in touch.

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