Rec Centre Trust – New Board

The Waiheke Recreation Centre is run by a board of trustees, who meet on a monthly basis to consider how best to manage and run the centre for the community’s best interests.

Mission Statement

  • To promote and develop programmes, actions and initiatives to provide for the recreational, social and community needs of the residents of Waiheke Island.
  • To maintain facilities for those recreational, social and community activities.
  • To promote and provide facilities for sports and general public use.
  • To provide financial assistance for organisations that are providing for the recreational, social and community needs of the residents of the area.

Our Goals

For the Waiheke Island Rec Centre to become a successful multi-sport and social community centre providing modern indoor and outdoor facilities for local user groups. The Centre is operated on the ‘Sportsville’ concept where all sports, cultural & social groups share a facility.

That facility is to be administered and run by the trust but available to the groups and organisations that are responsible for their own activities and aspirations. The vision is for the centre to be a joint venture enterprise within the local groups – a venture that will have financial security and operational stability.

New Board of Trustees

The new board trustees were voted in during December 2013.

The current board members are:

  • Sol Harris (Chair)
  • Trudie Jamieson (Secretary)
  • Aran Knight (Badminton User Group) – Trustee
  • Ardie Aoina (Youth User Group) – Trustee
  • Bill Godbout (Waiheke High School P.E.) – Trustee
  • Jude Young (Waiheke High School Principal) – Trustee
  • Rebecca Ballard (Waiheke Local Board Representative)
  • Rebecca Rose (Waiheke High School P.E.) – Trustee
  • Suzie Hamelink (Gym Club) – Trustee

See the about us page for more information.



  1. Sydney Hunter

    After a lapse of over a year, will an equipped fitness room be made available to individual members of the community for exercising ?
    As in the past will a qualified Centre Manager be appointed to promote and administer activities ?

    • Thanks for your comment. We appreciate the gym was popular with some users, however, the arrangement didn’t work for a number of reasons and was discontinued. There are currently no plans to re-open a public gym facility as we do not have equipment (equipment currently on site belongs to the school) or a centre manager to oversee such activities.

      We are in the early stages of creating a detailed business plan to address a wide range of issues such as this and the overall future needs of the Rec Centre. At some stage in the next 6 – 12 months, we plan to provide an opportunity for public consultation, where suggestions such as yours can be discussed and considered in more depth.

      We appreciate your feedback and I will pass on your comments.