Rec Centre Has A Newly Painted Floor

We are pleased to announce that the Rec Centre now has a sparkling newly painted and varnished floor!

The floor has been sanded down and then the lines were repainted and a final coat of varnish added.

As you can see, it looks great and we are so happy that all the court markings are visible again!

So – please EVERYONE – remember to take care and wear the correct footwear.

  • Wear shoes with non-marking soles only – shoes have to be non marking!!
  • Any dark coloured soles should be “skid tested”…
  • Try skidding the edge of the shoe and make a small mark by the entrance or in a corner.
  • If your shoe leaves a mark – you CAN’T use them!
  • If you see anyone causing damage or anyone’s shoes leaving marks, notify a staff member immediately!

Please help us to keep our new floor “new”.

Thanks for your support and enjoy our new floor!

Rec Centre newly coated floor


Rec Centre newly coated floor