Back to school and life at red


It seems like a long time ago since the Waiheke Recreation Centre was full of noise!

Since the August 2021 lockdown, there’s not been a huge amount of activity, because of course school has been on and off, and so too have the various groups that offer Waiheke’s community a choice of indoor sports.

In addition to the August lockdown, we of course have had Christmas and New Year holidays which has meant a lot of folk have been away or simply spending time at home with family.  And then, how can we forget the never-ending hot, dry summer of 21/22 that has turned the Rec Centre into an enormous sauna!  If you want a sweaty workout, what better way than playing in a massive room with 28c temps?

Waiheke Indoor Sports

So – now that kids are *finally* back at school, we can begin to (hopefully) look forward to a bit more normality returning. One big *fly-in-the-ointment* is of course the Red Traffic Light setting. This is causing a bit of a bump in the road for a lot of groups.

Some can continue, so long as vaccine passes are used, and others cannot.  One such group that is affected is the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu group that operates the kids classes upstairs.

Tukaha Waiheke is unable to run children’s classes until we are in the Green category in the current traffic-light system

So if you are keen to start, join or re-join any of the existing indoor sports that take place at the Rec Centre, please do make sure you get in touch with the relevant organiser to check what the Covid red light settings are for that group.

Note that the calendar may not show the most accurate information.  This is because group organisers don’t always communicate their plans to us.

To find the contact details for the indoor sports group you wish to join, please visit one of their events via the calendar and the organiser’s details should be visible in the footer.

Hopefully, Basketball, Badminton, Pickleball and more of the indoor activities will soon be able to return to normal.

Stay safe Waiheke