The Waiheke Recreation Centre is a central asset to the local Waiheke community for sports and recreation.  It’s the only indoor sporting facility on the island and is a very popular asset all year round and especially during the winter months when outdoor activities can often be postponed due to the weather.

The “rec centre” was built in 1991 by Auckland City Council, on the Ministry of Education’s land.  It’s run on a Not For Profit / Charitable basis on a “shared usage” model.  During the day, the local Waiheke High School has exclusive usage. After 4pm during the week, and all day at weekends & during school holidays, it becomes a public facility where a number of User Groups run and manage regular indoor sporting events.

Most of these activities are publicly accessible – and the space often booked out for local sports groups – everything from basketball, to netball, indoor football to gymnastics, martial arts and more.  Many of these welcome new users. To find out more, you can look through the events and make contact with the organiser to find out how to join.

Waiheke Recreation Centre Trust

The Waiheke Rec Centre is managed by the Waiheke Recreation Centre Trust (WRCT) – a not-for-profit, registered charity organisation in New Zealand. The trust is made up of trustees (volunteers) who represent the various User groups, Waiheke High School and the Local Board (see below).  Each year the trust has an AGM and invites public representation on what the space needs, how it can be improved and what could be done differently.  AGM dates are typically published on this site and on the Facebook feed.

WRCT Aims & Goals

One of the Trust’s missions is to increase public usage of the facility through marketing and awareness campaigns.  We are committed to supporting User Groups who wish to increase their membership base and participation.  In this respect, we recently launched this website, along with a new Facebook page and will be undertaking further steps such as engaging with local media outlets to spread the word.

Another key element to our current mission is to ensure the Centre has a robust strategic plan in place for the future governance and direction of the facility.  In this respect, we have recently embarked on an extensive process to determine how best to construct and implement such a plan.  This involves researching and visiting other Auckland based Recreation Centre’s to understand how others’ are doing it, leveraging Auckland City Council guidance and consultation and of course, entering into dialogue with all stakeholders.  We envisage this process will be complete by end of 2016.

Ultimately, the volunteers that make up the trust are involved because they want to see the centre perform well for the community and all users.  The mantra “Use It Or Lose It” is indeed a powerful one. The Rec Centre does face challenges, and its long-term survival is, to a large degree, up to the community.

So what do YOU think? We welcome your feedback, constructive or otherwise on our Facebook page here.  If you prefer, you may use our contact us / booking form to get in touch with us instead.

Thank you for your interest in the Waiheke Recreation Centre Trust.
Yours Sincerely
Trust Chair

Waiheke Recreation Centre Trust Board of Trustees

Trustees of WRCT Email Group Ph Contact
Mark Hewett (chair) [email protected] Basketball 021950735 / 37230303
Ardie Aoina [email protected] Youth Centre The Rock 0296501038
Jude Young [email protected] High School 0274132203 / 093719000
Trudie Jamieson [email protected] High School 372 9638 / 0273725191
Rebecca Rose [email protected] Local Board 021857212
Bob Upchurch [email protected] High School 093728920 / 0276301884
Katya Seavill [email protected] Gymnastics 0276818604
Nicolas Otero [email protected] Jiu Jitsu 0212324510
Matylda Gaik (accounts) [email protected]